Avani Makwana
Avani Makwana
Avani Makwana
I am Human. I’m in Race!

Published on March 27, 2020

Ready, Steady, Go!


I am Human. I’m in Race.


The moment I born; the moment the race began!


The race to crawl fast, walk fast, run fast. To Finish Fast!

The race of first rankings, higher degrees, bright careers. To Shine Like A Star!

The race to look beautiful, dress sexy, carry smart. To Impress The World!

The race to marry my soulmate, have kids, satisfy all. To Love and To Be Loved!

The race to wake up before sunrise and to stretch till late night. To Achieve Targets!

The race of promotion, position, revenue, empire. To Rule The World!

The race to be respectful, to be famous, to be lovable. To Feel Accomplished!

The race to steal data, track actions, discover flying cars and party on mars. To Control The World!




The Covid-19 Shelter-In-Place applied a break to my race today!

Deep silent thoughts within me always wanted to be heard, but I was busy racing!

Today’s daylight gifted me few minutes to perceive them.

They murmured:


I Am Human. I Lost Humanity. 


I passed batons of environmental imbalances.

I passed batons of religious conflicts.

I passed batons of creating regional boundaries.

I passed batons of society pseudoism.

I passed batons of destroying innocent childhood by forcing them to compete.

I passed batons of politics, jealousy, dishonesty, corruption, selfishness, blame games.


I Am Human. My Race is Paused Today. 


Afghanistan conflict, Syria conflict, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Kashmir conflict.

Nations Fight. Thousands Lost Lives.

Amazon rainforest fires. Australia fires. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Hurricanes.

Nature Exhales Anger. Thousands Lost Lives.

Hungry people. Poor adobes. Exploited communities. Orphan kids. Lost youth.

Huge Disparity. Humanity At Risk.

Swine-Flu H1N1, Ebola, Plague, Corona.

Biological Weapons. Beyond Human’s Cure. 


I win. Do I?

I Rule. Do I?

I conquer. Do I?


I Am Human. Am I?


(Image courtesy: Unsplash.com)