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Haider – Movie Review

Published on October 04, 2014



Another of Vishal Bhardwaj type movie – may be the best one from Omkara, Kaminey and Maqbool.

A sweet looking Jab we met boy Shahid Kapoor ‘Haider’ transforms himself into a dissident from a student > a poet. What a swing in his performance! Definitely the best of all of his until now I think.

Tabu – playing the role of Haider’s mother – Stunning as always! I didn’t like the character personally but the way she has molded herself, acted, taken care of each minor move is very well deserved. Not every actress’s cup of tea what she has performed here!

Kay Kay Manon – another powerful role play! Very natural, impactful and worth watching as always in his case.

Shraddha Kapoor – A Bollywood love girl, with all emotions and totally into her character till her end!

Irfaan Khan – His one more appreciable performance as usual – played a tiny role but.


Chutzpah and AFSPA – These Hebrew words worth understanding for enjoying the movie more.

haider_4 haider_3 haider_2 haider_1

Go for the movie if you love Kashmir. You dream and pray for a beautiful Kashmir.

Go for the movie if you disagree with militants activities.

Go for the movie if you want to digest dialogue deliveries:

–       Haider khud se ladna bandh karo. Ro Lo.

–       Pura Kashmir hi ek kaidkhana hai.

–       Intekaam se aazadi kabhi nahi milti.

–       To be or Not To Be speech

Go for the movie if you can digest somewhat violence. Red blood in snowy Kashmir won’t give you comfort.

Don’t go for the movie if you want to relax and enjoy a light movie.

Don’t go for the movie if you expect a couple of couple songs. The movie has it which is not required I think. Though the song ‘Bismil’ picturized at Martand Sun Temple is fluently sung by Sukhwinder Singh and worth watching.


Not everyone’s cup of tea!

But worth understanding sequences, editing, direction and the great star cast of course!