Avani Makwana
Avani Makwana
Avani Makwana
Challenges Inspire

Published on October 17, 2016

I feel that the clearest crystalline of my blog’s title ‘Life Inspires’ should be ‘Challenges Inspire’! And this phenomenon must be true with many of you as well. One of the most popular quotes of Helen Keller “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” clearly says that Life and Challenges are happily married with each other and cannot be broken ‘until death do they part’!

And so… if we agree that we dream, we feel, we achieve, we succeed, we conquer, we celebrate, we grow, we smile, we love, we learn, we mentor, we lead, we win, we experience, we rise – than its implied that accepting challenges are integral part of our lives and that’s the fact that keeps us going.

Never afraid of challenges. Never give up in bad times. Never lose hope when you see dark allover. I have listed out 15 practices below that not only will help us fighting with the right sprit when needed but also helps in thinking big, taking right decision, viewing life from different angles and shaping up good from bad!


1.  Be motivated

Consider challenges as gateway to success and not showstoppers. Your failures in life is your best teacher.

As Ronnie Screwvala has mentioned in the introduction of his book Dream with your eyes open, Failures Fascinates and intrigues. Your failure stories should be equally talked-about topics like your successes.

Keep your motivation high in your bad times and believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, this is proven and true!

2.  Have Fun!

Take a short break, meet people, play games, energize yourself and feel relaxed! It is very important to break that routine chain of executions and thoughts and divert into a new, creative and fresh direction. My friends and colleagues who are in IT field reading this post will agree with me that software bugs not getting solved since hours and days gets identified and solved in fraction of minutes after a small and refreshing break with best buddies!

3.  Pray

Prayer has power! Not only in your bad times, practice some prayer time in your daily hectic schedule. If you believe in God, you equally believe that Prayer changes things.

4.  Spend some time with Yourself and Nature

Nature and pure heart – these two are the closest elements to almighty, The super power. To gain the energy back, to understand the positivity of momentarily failure, to revive yourself, to get the flip side of something went wrong and to envision the right coming on your way behind what just went wrong, to understand the lesson of rising back after falling and to feel togetherness with almighty and your loved ones; go under the beautiful sky, watch and listen to melodic sea waves, hide yourself in freshness of greeneries, spread your hands and breath the fresh air at the fullest!  This is the ultimate source of peace, calmness, positivity and learnings!

5. Remember and celebrate your success stories

Today you might be facing challenging situation which you may be finding difficult. Understand that this is temporary. This is going to go away just like another day that has passed. Cherish your golden moments, your struggles that brought success in your past days, your celebration times and gain positivity from your written chapters of life. This will motivate you to think and work towards your success path.

6.  Don’t lose confidence – In you, In Your Team, In People You Trust

Positivity, Trust and Team-work has won bigger battles than one can win alone. Human psychology is becoming more self-centric, strategic and political day by day so relying on anyone and everyone will be a mistake but don’t build this as a generic perception. You will surely come across genuine and reliable people during your journey of life. They are more than jewels. Work with them, make them part of your team, listen to them, brainstorm with them, given them freedom of decision making and you will able to create greater wonders than your individual ability! Confidence in yourself and your team will help you climb higher and higher.

7.  Look Back, Look Forward

Look back to see what mistakes you did, what to learn from them and how those mistakes have helped you in improving yourself. Seek positivity out of them.

Look forward to build big picture, plan precisely, plan long, plan good and bad that can happen, plan for better and the best. Prediction of challenges and contingencies that may come along your way will increase your confidence to overcome them.

8.  Believe that you can do more than this!

What is so exciting in fighting the battles that we know you will win? If you really trust yourself and want to challenge yourself, fight the bigger one! This brings self-satisfaction and let you know how strong you are! The best way to grow is to challenge yourself for more than what you already know you can do and get the best out of it!

9.  Play and Listen to music

I will advise all of us should learn one musical instrument as this hobby can play a very important role in reducing stress in low times (I am always missing this part in my life so far). Play your favorite tunes and listen to your choice of music. The tunes of your choice, the melody of music and the waves of yodels will surely give you soothing and relief you need.

10.  Exercise

Sparing time for body exercising for 30 to 45 minutes a day keeps you healthy, normalizes your blood pressure, increases your stamina, lower the risk of bad cholesterol, strengthen your muscles and bones, reduces back pain, increases your energy level, helps in getting rid of insomnia and gives you better sleep, increases your stamina, improves your immune and digestive systems, controls weight and keeps hearth healthy. Not only this, exercising also keeps anxiety away, improves your mood and brings positivity and also improves learning by increasing level of brain chemicals. So try to set your routine, be an early riser and spare sometime for your body!

11.  Read good contents

Inspirational stories are all around and they are perfect examples of how people took N-times higher challenges than we are currently facing and have created wonders, records and histories! There are millions of real world examples who have setup their empire from zero. Read good, think good, attempt good, fight good, feel good and you will achieve good!

12.  Speak

Speak-up your worries with your family and friends. Sharing your problems with right people will reduce your burden and may also give you a way out of it! Everyone is facing challenges in their lives so do not hesitate to share with people of right mindset.

13.  Remember – Inspiration is in little things that create big wonders

Develop the attitude of seeing happiness in each little inspiration! A small little ant is surely the right example of inspiration! Most of you will agree that owning your first bicycle or bike in your teenage has given you more joy and accomplishment than any other more expensive cars you purchased after that! Spending time with your close friends at a café has been a great fun time than those Five-Star parties!

Enjoy every little thing and life will be very positive towards everything!

Believe that small little things have potential to create big wonders.

14.  Help Others

Helping right people at the right time gives you great satisfaction and also helps understanding life better. Make sure your focus is only to help and not anything else. You are blessed and you also want others to be blessed a little via your blessings – keep this simple thinking if you really want to bring light in others’ life.

At times people may misuse this genuine quality of yours and you may realize being cheated later but just accept this as another lesson in your life and move ahead.

15.  Spend time with kids

When you are stressed, tired and finding things difficult, spend time with kids. Kids are the greatest examples of God’s presence, inspiration, honesty, kindness, energy, learning, positivity, smile and laughter.


As Marten Luther King Jr. has truly said: ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at the time of challenge and controversy.’

Keep Dreaming. Keep Daring. Keep Growing. Keep Enjoying. Keep Smiling.